Accepting registrations for the RRPM course: December 11 and 12, 2018

About Me

Deb Boucher - My Background

As president and course designer I started my business doing what I was passionate about, interior decorating, planning, home staging, color consulting and educating others. 

My Experience

I am a member of several professional organizations across the country. As a certified, qualified and licensed professional I attend a variety of construction webinars and conferences to better help my clients and keep me current of products and construction methodology.

RRPM Certificate Program

Residential Renovation Project Manager

A house is the largest financial investment we will secure over our lifetime, for most of us the equity will finance our retirement.   Yet each day hundreds of people agree to renovating their home without considering what if the renovation de-values our home.

Most homeowners are unaware of the renovation process, by not understanding how one simple change can affect the entire home.  We omit the most important decision prior to starting a reno, which is determining if the building is healthy and structurally sound.

Rushing the planning and design stages can cost thousands of dollars due to expensive onsite change orders, we accept product and material substitutions because the contractor wants to increase his profitability. We are quick to react because we feel pressured by a contractor who insists we sign the contract today.  We forfeit product and workmanship warranties and guarantees because we paid by cash and sign binding contracts without knowing the extend of each clause.  We do nothing to protect ourselves against fraudulent trades who want a 50% deposit upfront and we leave ourselves unprotected for a financial disaster.

If you are planning a renovation or want to study to become a certified Residential Renovation Project 

Manager register today for the next upcoming courses.

One of the toughest choices a homeowner makes is;  do I sell my current home or do I renovate?  Renovating can be a more-cost effective solution - but only if it's done right the first time.

A home renovation is a financial and emotional investment and you need to know how to avoid costly and serious construction mistakes.  Mistakes that could prevent the homeowner from reselling their home in the future for top dollar.  Or.., mistakes that the City or Municipality can force you to take down.

Are you certain that the current home is structurally sound? Do you have the right people involved in the early planning stages or is it just you and the homeowner.

How much time are you, the homeowner, along with architects, engineers and contractors spending on planning the renovation? Is it a few weeks, a few months or even a year.  

A successful renovation is only as good as the trades people you hire.  What tools are you using to evaluate and screen your contractors? 

Good management is essential for achieving renovation goals.  Established, qualified, licensed and insured renovators will coordinate the entire project from beginning to end.  

As a certified Residential Renovation Project Manager (RRPM) you will be able to manage the clients expectations, reduce their stress and select the right team. Enrolment in the Residential Renovation Project Manager (RRPM) course is your best assurance that projects you manage will be of quality, value and warrantied. 

Hourly Consultations

I am available on an hourly basis to give advice about finding the right contractor, interrupting contracts, and helping you understand the construction process.  

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